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There is a two-fold purpose for Christian education.

First, to help fulfil the biblical mandate to make disciples.

Second, to help provide a foundation by which students can achieve their goals.

Green Forest

What makes JHCA unique as a Christ-centered school?

  • We place Jesus Christ as our lead teacher.  God, as revealed in His Word, and His Holy Scripture is central to each day's learning.  Therefore, daily subjects reveal Christ as the creator and center of all things.  Each day begins with Bible study and prayer.  Age-appropriate Bible classes are foundational to the school year.

  • We follow a Hebrew view of education rather than a Greek view.  This is a foundational difference between our school and schools that follow a classical education format.  The true God of Scripture is the only source for wisdom and understanding.  Therefore, we do not look to educational philosophies and curriculums as a foundational source of what is true and wise.

  • We understand that every child is created in the image of God and endowed by Him with unique gifts and talents.  Because of this, we recognize that education does not come in a "one-size-fits-all" format.  Our teachers tailor individual learning experiences which embrace the God-given uniqueness of each student, so we can help them further grow into who God designed them to be.

  • We understand that all our work with our students is delegated from the parents.  We work to arrange our teaching as an extension of the authority of the home and family.

  • Our teachers teach multiple grade levels, allowing them to foster long-term relationships with the students.  This results in less teacher-turnover for our families, as well as year-by-year deep investment by our teachers in the students to foster their God-given strengths and work consistently on improving school-related shortcomings.​


What does JHCA offer Christian families?

  • We offer a high-quality student program so graduates are given a foundation on which to compete in a global society while understanding the need to have Jesus Christ as their center.

  • We offer a full college-prep program.

  • We offer a customized curriculum, utilizing a wide variety of Christian resources, and a daily schedule to meet the unique needs of each individual student based upon the family's needs, desired outcomes, and goals.  These goals can range from coming alongside homeschool parents to prepping students for universities and colleges.

  • We offer a multimedia format utilizing direct-teach classes, online video instruction, and independent learning.  This gives our students multiple learning experiences.  

  • The student's daily schedule can accommodate AP courses being taken through HSLDA or other approved organizations.​

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